Individual Coaching

One-on-one personalized coaching to set meaningful goals, increase focus, establish a champion's mindset, perform at your best under pressure, and enhance resiliency. Uses state-of-the-art biometric feedback equipment and audio/visualization tools to maximize personal performance.

Two packages available:

1. Padawan ($800)

Four (4) x 1-hour sessions focused on goal-setting, focus, and basic heart-rate variability training using emWave software.

2. Jedi - ($1,150)

Padawan options PLUS two additional sessions for a total of six (6) x 1-hour sessions that include a personalized visualization and imagery mp3 recording for use before practices and competitions.


Team Coaching

Team sessions provide players and coaches with a common foundation of terminology to improve focus, confidence, resiliency, and performance under pressure. Use it to start your season off the right way, get out of a mid-season slump, or set the tone for the off-season. Single or multi-session plans available.


Coaching Leaders

Are you looking to grow as a leader for your team or business? Do you want to improve your mental skills to enhance performance in all aspects of your life? As an ICF-certified coach with over two decades of leadership experience as an Army officer and coach at the Division I-level, I will provide you with tried and true steps to improve and perform at your best.

Standard package ($1,150)

Includes six (6) x 1-hour sessions designed to help you unlock your strengths and become the leader you were meant to be. Powerful insights guaranteed to help you become the best version of yourself. Also included is one assessment of your choice (Eqi-2.0, DISC, Strengths Finder).


Mental skills training includes

  • Goal setting and an action plan to achieve those goals
  • Heart rate variability (HRT) training using emWave software
  • Positive self-talk and confidence-building techniques
  • Focus and refocus techniques
  • Visualization and imagery toolkit (mental, visual, audio)
  • Energy management
  • Stress management and coping skills
  • Pre-game and pre-practice routines


Why mental skills training?

Parents and players spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours improving the physical aspects of their game, and practically no time on the mental aspects.

Elite athletes are consistently seeking out more and more mental training to enhance their physical performance. Professional and elite collegiate sports teams are incorporating mental skills training into their daily regiments. NFL, NBA, MLB, Olympic, and several NCAA teams all hire full-time mental skills coaches.

You can benefit from the SAME mental skills training that elite athletes and U.S. special operations warriors employ to improve their performance.


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